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personal projects

JCMS PortalMapper

A JCMS plugin

Rules Engine powering JCMS Portals

JCMS is a powerful french CMS developped in Java.

PortalMapper is an alternative way to control portal displaying.

  • Use a rules engine
  • Live Ajax configuration
  • Several ready to use rules
  • Logic links between rules (Boolean AND, OR, NOT)
  • Group of rules allows infinite combinations

PortalMapper [fr]
JCMS plugin repository page


Alarm System

Home automation using Arduino

aAlarm is an alarm system with a web backend using arduino electronic board Arduino.

A Linux server is used for :

  • Communicate with Arduino (Perl application)
  • Web Backend (Django/Python)
  • Database hosting (MySQL)
  • CCTV integration (ZoneMinder)

Future developments : More sensors, home automation...

aAlarm details gallery


A dynamic gallery using Php/MySQL/Ajax/jQuery

  • Image pre-loading
  • Auto scaling, using maximum displaying surface
  • Slideshow

kProd gallery

jQuery hexa clock

Techno-Art Project

Hour Color

Hours / Minutes / Seconds converted to RGB values, to get current time displayed as a colour. jQuery hexa clock

JCMS Toolbar

Java, jQuery, JCMS, Greasemonkey, JCMS

A JCMS Greasemonkey toolbar

  • Easy access to back office functions
  • Embebbed login form
  • Portal editor mode enable/disable
  • No plugin needed

JCMS Developper Plugin

Java, jQuery, JCMS

JCMS developper assistant

  • Identifying components (portlet and contents)
  • On mouse hover informations
  • Direct links to add contents and back office editor


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