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professional experience

Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Technical lead, Java expert, development

since October 2012


French National Library

[more details...]

Digitization chain

Since 1997, more than 2.5 milions documents have been digitized by the BnF (Books, maps, 78rpm records...)
A dedicated software suite allows massive digitization :

  • Documents controls
  • Metadata consistency
  • Sustainable archiving (SPAR project)
  • Updating BnF repositories
  • Delivers documents to Gallica (BnF digital library)

Today, more than 2.5 milions are viewable from Gallica.

  • Introduce new plugins allowing deliveries with METS metadata format
  • SPAR archiving module
  • Technical design
  • Development

Java, JBPM, Web Services, Oracle
Git, Telelogic


Technical lead, Java expert, development

Natixis, BPCE group

Investment bank

[more details...] Web Portal redesign

New graphic chart integration, new features with Ajax functions, web accessibility.

  • Design and technical architecture
  • Technical Specifications
  • Technical supervision and development

July - September 2011

Natixis intranet portals upgrade

Deploying new CMS version and adding new features to 20 portals.

  • Technical design, planning, development, documentation
  • Migration process creation
  • PoC
  • Industrialization and reliability

February 2010 - April 2011

Web Portal automated factory

Using common features and design, this factory is able to create new portals on the fly. Based on a CMS solution, with many possible customisations.

  • Technical Architecture, Design, workshops
  • Development

September 2008 - January 2009

Java, JCMS, HTML/CSS/JS, jQuery, Perl
Git, Dimensions, Websphere, High availability

Rectorat de l'académie de Versailles

Technical lead, Java expert

Versailles Education Authority

[more details...]

Website redesign

Complete overhaul of a 90's website.

  • Workshops
  • Technical design
  • Web Accessibility
  • Technical lead, development

February – August 2009


Education Inspectors websites integration to main portal.

October 2011 - January 2012

Java, JCMS, HTML/CSS/JS, Prototype, Perl
SVN, Tomcat

Crédit Social des Fonctionnaires

Technical lead, Java expert

September 2009 - January 2010

CSF (Credit, savings and insurance)

[more details...]

Website redesign

A CMS based website including a sales portal and a client access.

  • Technical design
  • Technical lead
  • Development

Java, JCMS, Tomcat, High availability

Bureau Veritas

Java expert, Development

February - September 2012

[more details...]

"Opale" Project

Personnal assistant and data collector mobile application.
Creation of a synchronous service for analysis upload.

  • Design and Development
  • Improvement and refactoring

Java JEE 6, Hibernate, MS SQL Server, Web Services, XML (JAXB)

Rectorat de l'académie de Paris

Java expert, development

January - February 2010

Paris Education Authority

[more details...]

Secured data flows

Integration of a secured data flow between several web apps.

  • Technical design
  • Development

Java, JCMS, REST Webservices

BNP Paribas Real Estate

Java expert, development

May - June 2011

[more details...]

Creating a client access

An authenticated access to customized page, allowing client to set emails alerts.

  • Technical lead and development
  • JUnit tests


Technical design, development

June 2007 - August 2008

Natixis, BPCE group

Investment bank

[more details...]

"CART" Project

Financial risks evaluation application.

  • Technical design, modeling
  • Development
  • JUnit tests


  • Technical design
  • Java and Web development


Technical design, Development

March 2006 - May 2007


[more details...]

Web shop redesign

Redesign of sales portal (Catalog and selling process).

  • Web and Java development
  • Deployment scripts

Java, HTML/CSS/JS, Shell Script

Previous experiences

Thales Airborne Systems - Graduation intership

SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) application development

March - September 2004 - C++, Qt, Linux

Iguane Studio - Internship

Linux system administrator

May 2002 - June 2003 (Internship + part time) - Linux, open-source appliances, Perl, Script Shell

Ministère des finances

Transcoding accounting flows interface.

  • Technical design
  • Development

November 2005 - February 2006 - Java


Open-Source hosting trainer

October 2004 - March 2005 - Linux, open-source appliances


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The French National Library collections consists of 40 millions documents, mainly stored in Tolbiac buildings, Paris.
Since 1997, the BnF has started a digitization program. Gallica, the digital library, claims over 2 millions documents viewable from the web.

Natixis is part of BPCE group.

Versailles Education Authority regroups 1.000.000 students, 100.000 agents and teachers.

CSF is an organization that selects financial services for government employees.

Certification services

Regroups schools, highschools and universities of Paris.

A subsidiary of BNP group.

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SFR is a french major mobile and internet provider.

Thales, aerospace, defence and IT international group

Iguane Studio, web hosting company